Artmospheric Sessions #12 - Aerostat

Поредният полъх свеж звук идва от Дания. Благодарности към Aerostat за специалния микс, който предоставиха за Artmospheric Sessions.

  • Aerostat. 
Derives from the greek Aero-Statos meaning "standing in air".
  • This derivation covers the musical impression made by Aerostat. The sensation of the music is the key driver of the floating, spatieous feeling in the sets provided by Aerostat.
  • Away is the need to define style be genre.
  • To stay is the need to create feeling through intelligent programming of beats, melody and drone.
  • No more hype. Passion for emotion endulged by sonic phenomena. No need for identity - let the sound deliver Our message.
  • Floating in free Air without apparent Propulsion. This. Is.
  • Aerostat

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[публикувано на 2011-03-07]