Enchanted Forests Gathering IV

info: Enchanted Forests crew

15-17.10.2010. Location is Ovnarsko, close to Govedarci villige, Rila, Bulgaria! The same place where Rila Tranquility, Rila Tranquility 2, Enchanted Forests III were...

You are all welcome at Enchanted Forests Gathering 2010!!! The most important is to feel free, love and light! You don't need to pay a special price for a gathering, but we will be happy if you can support us before the event by helping us to create the whole magic on the location, or donate at our PayPal acc (click here) ! Also there will be a Magic Hat for all who like to support the forest gathering at Rila!

Magic Tales by:

Tranquility tales by: *@chaishop
  • Altais (BG) - Independent
  • Boyansky (BG) - Independent
  • Brainjuice (BG) - Independent
  • Cinnamint (BG) - Artmospheric
  • Crassie (BG) - Artmospheric
  • Kliment LIVE (BG) - Electrik Dream, Artmospheric
  • Maharishi (BG) - Independent
  • Simon B (UK) - Twisted Records
  • Surbahar LIVE (BG) - Chill Om Records, Artmosheric, Beat & Pieces Records
  • Therapist (BG) - Independent
  • Vataff Project LIVE (BG) - Aleph Zero Records
Visionary Tales by:Decorations:
  • DMTitania (BG-Brasil) - Deep Air
*Lots of love by psychedelic friends!
*Home made and hand made goods will be available at Chai chill, Bar-Food & Forest Shop!

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