I.R.I.S. - A Billion Year Voyage

I.R.I.S. е общ проект на Therapist и AuroraX, и двамата добре познати от последните няколко издания на Artmospheric Festival. Заедно те представят концептуален ембиънт микс, приготвен за DI.fm и по-конкретно - предаване по случай зимното слънцестоене, излъчено на 23.12 миналата година.

I.R.I.S. is a collaboration between Therapist and AuroraX, it stands for Iridescent Rain In Space and outer space is exactly where we're going. Embark on a deep space voyage, drawn by the mysteries of The Great Attractor, an immensely dense gravitational anomaly, located 250 million light years away from our own planet. Track the solitary journey of a single spacecraft, sent on a mission to this massive object in the Centarius supercluster, passing by countless star systems, nebulae, quasars and galaxies.


Повече за микса с Erok от Downbeatscape

01. Ishq - Aphrodite
02. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Inertia
03. Ishq - Pluto Shift
04. Sync24 - Replicant
05. Astropilot - A Drowning
06. Deadast - Passing Away
07. Hammock - Cold Front
08. Hecq - I Am You
09. Proton Kinoun - Skyward Dreams
10. C.J. Catalizer - To Search And Not To Find
11. Miktek - Flying Dots
12. Aes Dana - Haze (Celestial Mix)
13. H.U.V.A. Network - .Blank
14. E-mantra - Ecouri
15. H.U.V.A. Network - Orientations Part 2 (Ephemeride 15.43')
16. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Neurotransmitter
17. Asura - Everlasting


[публикувано на 2013-01-07]

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