Mêmoïde - Associating The Inevitable

At dawn, I was standing in front of nothing but a dead landscape;

"Abendrot", I thought, and it would mean not the colour of the sky, but the vortex-like state of my consciousness...

It would be a meme looping around the empty spaces among my neurons. It's when quantum resonance occured in the synaptic field, the place without seperation...

Like a sleepy shadow crawling through the katakombs of time it was discovering bubbling life around the vast field.

A minotaur's lair showed up in the proximity.The minotaur itself, was just building a labyrinth, a garden of forking paths, leading straight towards the ocean.

Unaware of that, a dreaming seahorse was floating above it. For an instant I myself dreamt of floating weithless in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by timewaves...

Passing through that imagination, my liquid mind grasped a star just starting to twinkle above the Nubian sunset.

It was glimmering in such a way as if it were emitting not light, but brainwaves, tiny particles of cosmic information.

Suddenly my spiralling soul came to the conclusion that as each clock needs a clockmaker, so does every natural phenomenon need an intelligent designer; he must be sleeping though,I reflected, otherwise he wouldn't let me now that...

Setting out into the caverns of time was something always worth doing; actually I was just thinking, associating the inevitable memloops resonating around the cosmic mirror.

Then I remembered you. Had I lost you? Who were you actually?

You were my body, and I'm still your memory...longing for silence...

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1. Field Rotation - Abendrot
2. Circular - Nothing But Dead Landscape
3. Between Interval - Vortex
4. Sync24 - Memloop
5. James Murray - Empty Spaces
6. Malik Trey - Sleepy Shadows
7. Between Interval - Katakomb
8. Solar Fields - Discovering
9. Proton Kinoun - ...Life's Bubbling
10. Between Interval - Minotaur's Lair
11. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams
12. Krister Linder - You Were Just Thinking
13. Mystical Sun - Passage
14. Between Interval - Delta Capricorni
15. Colourform - Nubien Sunset
16. Subgardens - Asleep Clockmaker
17. Alex Theory - Baktun 10
18. Steve Brand - Soulspiral
19. Liquid Mind - Liquid Mind
20. Ambientium - Star Birthday
21. Krister Linder - Have I Lost You
22. Evan Bartholomew - We Set Out Into The Caverns Of Time
23. Asura - Longing for Silence

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