Port One Records

Наскоро излезе първата плоча за Port One - нов български лейбъл за техно и хаус музика, зад който стоят Николай Дичев (един от малцината сънародници с винилено техно издание от началото на века) и Виктор Маринов (известен още като Victor's Mob, Vataff Project). Пожелаваме успех на начинанието, с очакване за интересна музика от Port One!

Ето и официалното прес-съобщение за изданието:

  • Port One Records is bulgarian house and techno label, launched in September 2012 and based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • The idea was floating in the minds of Victor’s Mob. and Nikolai Dichev for quite long time,
  • but it was the end of this year when the time was right for it to finally materialize.
  • Our primary intention is to create and release music with an unique and profound influence to the audience. As at the deepest level we all are One – the dancers and the musicians, as a Oneness we all share the same blissful experience. That’s why Port one is very much focused on performing great efforts in order all that is released to be full of life and our main idea is to provide you with anything that is magical and vibrant.
  • To achieve this we will make sure every our release to have some important qualities:
  • - magical atmosphere, to be trippy or just to express this small extra bit of feeling that makes the music worthy to listen to.
  • - although we plan to release some good down tempo on LPs in the future, the house and techno tracks oriented to the dance floor must definitely be groovy and deliver the vibe.
  • - best possible sound production and particular level of technical skills. Our studio based in former bulgarian vinyl pressing plant “Balkanton” and equipped with analog synths, drummashines, high quality vintage and DIY outboard gear undoubtedly can help much in this regard.
  • With the list of Port One artists which includes DJ’s as well as life act performers like Victor’s Mob., KiNK, Anton Pau and Nikolai Dichev, we aim to establish future development focused on work with independent and colorful artists, with taste for dance music and art. Keeping closely in touch with community and friends will make that the results from this will be shared and beneficial for all included.
  • The label will release mainly on vinyl, both 12” EP’s and LP,s, and some digital but wave only.
за контакт:
e-mail: portone.records at gmail d0t com

[публикувано на 2013-01-06]