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One of Jisatsuken’s most valuable artists - Trx from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, has a new full-time release in our catalogue, called “mist chances” LP. This time Trx is clearing away much of the mist and darkness covering his debut release and reveals many chances as he feels them that the positive side of life will eventually overcome.

Following Trx's debut, this sophomore effort presents more mature and attentive approach to music and the artist’s emotional messages. “Mist Chances” still contains dark and sorrowful tracks /”when people were dying on the roads”/, but this time Trx does not dedicate the entire album length to sadden the listener. Tracks like “being social”, “building peaks to edges” and “someone has erased my memories” express joyful perception of life and emphasizes on the positive side of things. With this release Trx continues to develop his recognizable style even further, establishing himself as one of the most interesting Bulgarian electronica artists.

JSK017 Tracklisting:

01. advance 73
02. amb 1
03. when people were dying on the roads
04. being social
05. building peaks to edges
06. we are still growing
07. blooming Lynch
08. levitation (ambient mix)
09. when people were born on the roads
10. all things that come in pairs
11. someone has erased my memories
12. my memories have erased someone
13. 10yo

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[публикувано на 2009-07-17]

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