Vataff Project - Kalitz

(bg version n/a)

It's not often that a label can say it is releasing something that sounds like nothing ever made. With the release of Vataff Project's Kalitz, Aleph Zero is proud to say just that. Welcome to the dark mysterious forests of Bulgarian musician Victor Marinov's mind. In the age of instant hit tracks we invite you to an 80 minutes long journey out of this world.

Arranged as one piece like in Vataff Project's live sets, Kalitz offers a true album experience. The project has its own distinct sound, although it contains elements of psychedelic techno, IDM, trip hop & ambient, occasionally incorporating traditional Bulgarian instruments. Vataff's music is like nothing you've ever heard and it engulfs you in thick psychedelic atmosphere with alien sounds that sucks you into another world from the first note.


[публикувано на 2008-06-05]