Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Stigr

On the last Friday of November (29th), we are gathering at Sofia’s Mixtape5 (B-side) for the next edition of Contemporary Techno Structures. We are expecting a dear friend from France, an experienced techno narrator, for a very special sonic journey with the brilliant speakers of Danley Sound Labs.

Stigr  Secuencias Temporales / Oslated / One Instrument

Antoine aka Stigr is a sound technician, dj and composer from west of France. He used to work for a music tv channel in Paris and for dubbing studios as well abroad. Collecting and mixing records from the late 90's, he started to produce its own music, which is mostly ambient and techno, inspired both by nature and technology, with a real love for the modular environment. Mainly inspired by the early sound of Detroit, he starts as well to develop a true personal style as dj, selecting grooves and textures with lots of attention in order to provide the audience something different each time.

He released his first album in August 2019 for Secuencias Temporales, the new rising label from Mexico and has already released some music for labels like Oslated (Seoul), Aarden records (Belgium) and One instrument (Berlin).

Links: Discogs | Resident Advisor | Soundcloud | Facebook

Scav  Opening set

Scav is taking the responsibility to start the trip. Earlier this year he released his first album (Morphing Clouds) for the Spanish label Faint. This was followed by another playlist in Soundcloud called "The Second" which already has one more dozen of smooth aerial pieces of sound and keeps growing.
Soundcloud | Facebook

Aileron  Live

A project of Milan. Milan (live) is very similar to Cinnamint (live) - it happens from time to time, sometimes for real. It's generally a rare chance.
Soundcloud | Youtube

Cinnamint  Live

Cinnamint (live) is just like Aileron (live). See above.
Soundcloud | RA

minimaleye & Aksvenur  Visuals

Another intriguing visual journey is guaranteed by our VJs Lora Rounevska (Aksvenur) and Alexander Petrov (minimaleye).
minimaleye | Aksvenur

No pre-sale tickets available, entrance fee: 15bgn.
Sofia, Club Mixtape5, B-Side.
Start: 23:00

Event pages: RA | Facebook