+++ (plusplusplus) promo event Sofia

Although judging by its format it may seem as a new festival production of Dis-patch and continuation of the seminal Serbian festival after its demise in 2010, the organizers insist that +++ is not another new festival, but a unique event – a musical and social experience lasting for 48 hours. The location will feature custom-designed tents, objects and installations that will be built by local artists as part of an “intentional community” seed camp that will take place in the week prior to the event, while the music program itself will present carefully selected local, regional and international talent, mostly through extended live sets, and a number of supporting DJs.

+++ will aim to function as an open platform for engagement of fans of quality electronic music, as well as all those who are on the look out for new musical and social experiences in a communal natural environment. The opposite to nature is impossible - a quote from the legendary American inventor, architect and environmentalist R.Bukcminster Fuller is one the leitmotivs of the event, and alongside other thoughts by the likes of Hakim Bey, Chief Seattle or Marshall McLuhan it represents the “soft ideology” that is behind the event.

At the +++ promo event in Sofia, the two initiators - representing Dis-patch and Drug§tore respectively – will present a sneak peak of the musical +++ experience, in a live act and DJ set and will be around to spread the word about the new community-based DIY event that awaits you somwhere in the forests of Šumadija this July.

More info on +++ at the event’s website www.plusplusplus.co. The organizers are also inviting anyone and everyone who would like to get involved or support the event in any way to get in touch via plusplusplusteam@gmail.com.

kӣr - live
Drug§tore, Белград

You stole a book written in an alphabet you cannot read and yet you find yourself completely bewitched by the letters lit by the light from the smallest TV possible showing Iranian weather forecast for March of '65. Everything you hear in-between is the music of kӣr.

Also known as WhyBaneWhy, the resident DJ of Drug§tore night club, kӣr uses analogue synths, drum machines, theremin looking effects etc. to create a meadow like soundscape inhabited by unrecognizable figures in folkwear. Widow acid and all the scratches on that Russian poet record your father left you, put you in a vehicle way too old for the mission. He is also a member of the project Beli Talas, as well as Cadavre with 33.10.3402.


Moodswinger – DJ set
Dis-patch Collective, Белград

One of the founders of the Belgradeyard Sound System collective, active on the Serbian and international scene of music and independent culture since 1998, today under the guise of Dis-patch Collective. In 2002 he co-founded the Dis-patch Festival of cutting-edge music and related art, which presented numerous cutting-edge artists from more than 20 countries to the local and regional audiences over the course of its 10-year span. After the demise of the annual festival, Dis-patch continues to function as a curatorial/production collective which realizes programs and artistic projects, collaborating with many like-minded initiatives and artists.
As a performer, Moodswinger was part of the Belgradeyard band which played at numerous festivals and toured Europe in mid-2000s, finally publishing their debut album "Lost" a year ago (it can be downloaded for free at www.lostbelgradeyard.com). He has been DJ-ing since 1999, initially with BGYSS DJ team and in recent years as Moodswinger, with occasional appearances also as George Michael Jackson. Moodswinging between these two and going back to Belgradeyard eclecticism is a regular affair in his sets, so be prepared.


aka Kliment, Cinnamint





EW Studio, Sofia
Start: 22h
Entrance: 10 bgn

The venue has a limited capacity so make sure you get there early.

Event page @ facebook

[posted on 2015-05-27]