Sounds for Milan: A Tribute

Milan1_00000 On December 7th from 20:00 we will gather at club Dom, to mark the birthday of an inimitable artist and a dear friend Milan Zdravkov.

This would be the first time we celebrate without him, as his precious life ended suddenly and unexpectedly earlier this year.

[posted on 2023-11-30]

Surbahar Live Band at Art Hotel 158

Surbahar_live_band_pavel_stoychev_nfk_flaer3 I have the pleasure to invite you to a very beutiful and brand new space for a SURBAHAR Live Band concert. The event is realized with the financial support of the National Fund "Culture" under the "Creative Scholarship" program.

[posted on 2023-03-28]

Indoor Grooves at Mixtape 5

Artmospheric-indoor-grooves-2023-04-01-portrait4 Our next dancing session at Mixtape 5 will take place on Saturday, April 1st.

The line-up features three live acts: latest progressive version of Surbahar, the premier appearance of Betelgeuse - a project by Juuu / Arkana with an upcoming release on Zenon records, as well as Once Upon a Time (aka Kliment). Dodecaedre (psyde project of Cinnamint) and Juuu wil be playing DJ sets, visuals by Zurdoid.

On top of that, we are bringing a small system by Danley Sound Labs for advanced listening comfort at this perfectly treated space.

[posted on 2023-03-18]

Multidimensional Travelers with AudioSyntax

Audiosyntax-portrait On this special “Enchanted” Friday we are gathering at Mixtape 5 B-side for a multidimensional journey into an experimental world of visuals and sound where techno meets tekno meets psytrance. We are looking forward to Sofia’s debut appearance of our dear friend and great music mind AudioSyntax from Germany.

[posted on 2023-01-07]

Artmospheric Night at Singles

Artmospheric_night_2022 We are pleased to invite you to this long-awaited Artmospheric event. We are looking forward to see you on Friday, 02.12.2022 at bar SINGLES - NDK

[posted on 2022-11-23]

Boom Festival 2023 Friendly Tickets Info

Screen_shot_2022-10-24_at_8_53_24 Ambassador ticket sales for Boom Festival 2023 can be requested after 9:00 Sofia time on Monday, October 24th via message to, including the following date for ticket owners: names, nationality, gender, date of birth and email address. Request sent earlier than the start hour will not be considered.

[posted on 2022-10-24]

Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Stigr

Test-0_18 On the last Friday of November (29th), we are gathering at Sofia’s Mixtape5 (B-side) for the next edition of Contemporary Techno Structures. We are expecting a dear friend from France, an experienced techno narrator, for a very special sonic journey with the brilliant speakers of Danley Sound Labs.

[posted on 2019-11-14]

Scav - Morphing Clouds

Morphing-clouds-02 Миналата седмица излезе първото издание на Краси Йончев и неговия проект Scav, озаглавен Morphing Clouds. Албумът е издаден от испанския лейбъл Faint във формат компакт дист, достъпен също за сваляне в дигитален вид в платформата Bandcamp, и включва девет атмосферни откъса от модуларна джем сесия. Приятно слушане!

Last week the Spanish label Faint released the debut album of Krasi Yonchev and his solo project Scav, titled Morphing Clouds. It includes nine unedited atmospheric ambient cuts from a modular jam and it's available on CD and as digital download via Bandcamp. Have a nice journey!

[posted on 2019-04-16]

Contemporary Techno Re:Structures w/ Bas Amro

Cts-bas-amro-updated One year later, Contemporary Techno Structures series is back, featuring Bas Amro's debut appearance in Sofia and support by local techno minds Milan, Cinnamint, VJs Aksvenur and minimaleye.

[posted on 2019-04-05]

Artmospheric Festival 2019 is canceled

Artmo-sticker-2019-cancel_644 Dear Friends,

Considering the numerous questions recently received and the preliminary stickers we printed out few months ago, it’s time to announce that unfortunately Artmospheric Festival is not taking place in 2019.

At this point we are unable to schedule the next edition of our favorite gathering. Please accept our apologies for the misleading information and this late announcement! Thanks for your patience and support through the years and your great contribution to what we’ve built together!

To say informed about future local events and initiatives, please follow our official website and mailing list.

Best wishes,
Artmospheric crew

[posted on 2019-03-12]

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