ED006: Kliment - The Perpetual Ritual

9e4e7381f086e630ae8272f9aa2938d5 Electrik Dream are thrilled to present Kliment’s first ambient album, The Perpetual Ritual.
This much praised release is a quest for researching and sending deep messages through music in its many forms and variations.

Creating its own wonderful electronic audio universe with a spice of ethnic and psychedelic influences, this album guides you to both relaxing yet explosive melodic lines, whilst maintaining a warm emotional feel and a floating vibe of ambience.

[posted on 2009-04-11]

Surbahar - India Tour 2009

75354b91180fc113a74b24faf6c36196 info: Chill Om Records
An artist whose music transports you to a completely different realm of music listening. Hailing from Bulgaria, Surbahar (Chill Om Records) has been producing music inspired by the Indian culture and Bulgarian nature while still diving into a maze of sounds filtering in from all around the world. A well known artiste from Bulgaria, his performances at festivals such as Earthdance, Ozora, No Mans Land, Transylvania festival etc have been highly appreciated all over the world.
His projects often shift from progressive to techno to minimal and the diverse paths that these sounds create are incomparable. With his niche strongly carved, fans world over have been enjoying these bouncy vibrations only to toss Surbahar onto ever increasing heights.

[posted on 2009-04-10]

#2 - Mloski

27eb6a308e7ae03854f51c02fcf6f16a_138 Second part of Artmospheric Sessions is now available for stream and download. Big thanks to Jisatsuken's artist Mloski for this deep, broken "Hidden" idm set! Pure artmospheric sound.

[posted on 2009-04-01]

Kliment live @ OUIM 5 years party

D88ccfb92226c47deba763d78407ba7b Kliment live at OUIM 5 years party, club 4 km.
Line up main stage : Yoz, Kalumet (live), Kliment (live), Vibrasphere (live), Sandal Wood

[posted on 2009-02-27]

#1 - Cinnamint

D38ed0971677acbda25312fd29128d7f_780 This is the first issue of 'Artmospheric Sessions' - series of dj sets and live acts recorded exclusively for artmospheric.org. Session #1 is a deep techno dj set mixed by Cinnamint.

[posted on 2009-01-06]

Kliment live @ Mcast Dec 30 2008

Kliment - (progressive) live @ Preserve the Essence 12 Mcast

[posted on 2009-01-05]

Cinnamint set @ Beglika Fest 2008

Cinnamint's 5am set @ Beglika 2008

[posted on 2008-10-30]

Urban Guardian Angels Street Fest

9ebb51e52bbf0c7390c8ccf55e1dfb02 For english info click here

[posted on 2008-09-05]

Earthdance 2008

711ba8a95ba1fcb441a08af137566be8 For english info click here

[posted on 2008-09-04]

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