Earthdance 2008

711ba8a95ba1fcb441a08af137566be8 For english info click here

[posted on 2008-09-04]

Samodelia live - TuTune vol.1

Ba11e47f7d53a5297b64dd862ea890e2 Open air concert. Sofia, club Toba&co, 1th of august, 22:30h.

live: Samodelia
dj set: Pierre (Scattersound)

Entrance free.

[posted on 2008-07-31]

Beglika Fest 2008

Db5a5c7eb358233e2ab8c6d11a3b7f5f Upcoming event in the Rhodopi Mountains - Beglika Free Fest 2008, 7-10th of august. Artmospheric will host the main stage from the festival opening on Tuesday, 7th (17h) until Friday night.

[posted on 2008-07-06]

Vataff Project - Kalitz

087e6720c2c97324e3fac515508e9562 It's not often that a label can say it is releasing something that sounds like nothing ever made. With the release of Vataff Project's Kalitz, Aleph Zero is proud to say just that. Welcome to the dark mysterious forests of Bulgarian musician Victor Marinov's mind. In the age of instant hit tracks we invite you to an 80 minutes long journey out of this world.

[posted on 2008-06-05]

Artmospheric Festival 2008 Videos

Here you can find some videos from artm fest 08.

[posted on 2008-06-03]

Artmospheric Festival 2008

24e5e60b0ae4e7f921cf37c3a6fa69f9 May 1st – 4th, Bio Farm of Chemernik (above Lakatnik Village, Municipality of Svoge) - Bulgaria.

[posted on 2008-03-20]

V.A. - Mioku [Controne Records]

D6c17ce173a726b5b328a0d4e4d94e8e Far behind you can see is something as real as you can feel and touch. This is what the purple fields dream about. Distant hopes for something clean, big and wide, like the intelligence of electrified people. Mellow and dreamy, the compilation on Controne Records - 'Mioku' is a beautifully crafted harmonic downbeat idm, electronica music from Various Artists - Lackluster, Esem, Polygon Ring, Kliment, Sektor, Folder, Itou, Dtd, AdjBG and Clio.

[posted on 2008-02-02]

Earthdance 2007

C1f4364a57c805e5241a5b3ab898aab8 english translation n/a

More info available on:

[posted on 2007-09-02]

Artmospheric Spring Festival 2007 Video

Video from the Spring Festival 2007 - Trinoga, Balkan mountain.

[posted on 2007-05-01]

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