Artmospheric Gathering - 21/03

Artmospheric-gathering-fabrica-2015-march In the middle of the long break it's finally time for an Artmospheric gathering. We are looking forward to meet old and new Artmospheric Friends and dance together this Saturday, March 21st at Fabrica 126, Sofi

[posted on 2015-03-21]

#25 - Nobody Home @ Artmospheric Festival 2014

Artmospheric-sessions-25-nobody-home_768 Marcus' Nobody Home dj set was one of the most special journeys at Artmospheric so far, leaving unforgettable memories from that morning.. We are honored to have this recording in our collection. Thanks to Marcus and everyone who shared that magical experience!

[posted on 2014-08-20]

Artmospheric Ambient Nights present Surbahar live band

Surbahar_live Sat, May 31th at Maze, Sofia.

[posted on 2014-05-31]

Vecher Na Slavianskite Dubiteli


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#24 - Refracted at Contemporary Techno Structures Sofia

Contemporary-techno-structures-oct-2013-sc900 Usually, there is no recordings from the most memorable parties. Or, in case not everything is lost, there is a problem.

Refracted's gig at Contemporary Techno Structures in Sofia is not an exception.

[posted on 2014-05-09]

Surbahar - Artmosphericus Bulgaricus

10245476_10152356151794648_3725064969579783851_n This week Beattunes radio has broadcasted Surbahar's latest mix featuring selection of Bulgarian idm, ambient and psychill music.

[posted on 2014-04-21]

Artmospheric Festival 2014

Artmospheric-festival-2014-flyer-face Tribal gathering for deep tripping music and alternative culture. July 11-14, Stara Planina (Balkan mountains), Bulgaria.

Regular ticket sales end June 30 July 6.
Total number of tickets is limited to 700.

[posted on 2014-03-24]

Artmospheric Gathering @ Fabrica 126

Artm-gathering-fabrica-126-flyer-900 Four months before the next edition of the festival, it's time to meet old and new friends of Artmospheric for a hypnotic journey guided by Brando Lupi, Ness and our crew..

[posted on 2014-02-26]

Fly We 2 The Moon + Auditory Ossicles live

Flyme_audoss This Friday @Mixtape5 B-side, Sofia

[posted on 2014-01-28]

Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Claudio PRC

Contemporary-techno-structures-dec-2013-sc600 For December's gig we are glad to introduce another Italian artist - Claudio PRC. Known since his early works for Prologue - the label which later released his debut album "Inner State" - he is now established as a key name in deep techno scene, playing around the globe and regularly releasing his own music and collaborations with other artists like Terence Fixmer, Obtane, Ness.

The latter is also in for 14th. Since he moved to Sofia last year, Ness became one of the main contributors for the Contemporary Techno Structures events. Under the alias 'The Gods Planet' Claudio and Andrea release their production on TGP - the homonymous label has five EPs in its catalogue so far, featuring also remixes from the likes of Brando Lupi and Donato Dozzy.

We are also looking forward to the first appearance of Kliment in Sofia after a (too) long break. For that period the co-founder of Artmospheric released two albums (one of them under his psytrance moniker Once Upon a Time..) and is currently working on another, ambient one.

VJ line-up consists of the context-free geek minimaleye and Vladzen who is showing his latest works with Phormatik Visual Lab called Phantasmagoria at Suspacious Gallery , December 1-3rd.

[posted on 2013-11-28]

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