#23 - Scav

Artmospheric-sessions-23-scav_56 After almost half a year without updates, we finally found the time to renew the series with the kind assistance of Scav.

[posted on 2013-11-27]

Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Refracted

Contemporary-techno-structures-oct-2013-900_808 The upcoming autumn edition of Contemporary Techno Structures provides a full recharge with high quality deep techno music.

We are looking forward to Refracted's debut appearance in Sofia. During the past year the Berlin-based Spanish artist released some of his "deeply layered rhythms and atmospheric elements" which can surely be counted among the most conceptual hypnotic techno EP's for the period.

October's line-up features also Ness who is still very active in both production and playing music around the world, some live patterns from the latest developments of Milan and Cinnamint, a DJ set by another vinyl-addict - TImewalker and visuals by AksvenuR and minimaleye.

[posted on 2013-09-26]

#22 - Tengui - In Dark Meadows

Picture002_84 Number 22 has been especially prepared by Tengui and it comes along with the announcement of his participation in this year's festival which is actually gonna be his third time at Artmospheric.

[posted on 2013-05-04]

#21 - Polygon Ring at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Polygon-ring-about-to-push-the-button_55 The news for Mr Henke's upcoming visit bring us a lot of experimental spirit, and it seems like a perfect moment for another idm-oriented session. Once again, a recording from last year's festival, and this one is a dj set from Polygon Ring who is among the most trusted fine noise suppliers around, and a regular Artmospheric contributor.

[posted on 2013-03-21]

Artmospheric Festival 2013

Artmospheric-festival-2013-poster-en The seventh edition of Artmospheric Festival will take place July 12th - 15th, gathering music lovers, artists and leading figures of electronic music in the heart of the West Balkan mountains, Bulgaria.

Finest musical selection of top level, crystal clear sound system, conceptual installations and visuals, and a parallel program of useful lectures and workshops - carefully presented outdoors in the mountain - is what makes Artmospheric a special venue for alternative culture.

[posted on 2013-02-21]

Untitled @ Studio 414

Untitled_20130202-bg-new-600 Yet another night of quality techno music in Sofia.

[posted on 2013-01-28]

I. R. I. S. - A Billion Year Voyage

176611_10151175209921725_64507938_o I.R.I.S. is a collaboration between Therapist and AuroraX, it stands for Iridescent Rain In Space and outer space is exactly where we're going. Embark on a deep space voyage, drawn by the mysteries of The Great Attractor, an immensely dense gravitational anomaly, located 250 million light years away from our own planet. Track the solitary journey of a single spacecraft, sent on a mission to this massive object in the Centarius supercluster, passing by countless star systems, nebulae, quasars and galaxies.

[posted on 2013-01-07]

Port One Records

Port-1_vinyl-label_side-a-580x580 A new Bulgarian label for techno and house music has recently been founded by Nikolai Dichev (one of the very few Bulgarian techno artists released on vinyl in the beginning of the century) and Victor Marinov (also known as Victor's Mob, Vataff Project). We are looking forward for many interesting tracks coming from Port One!

[posted on 2013-01-06]

Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Eric Cloutier

Contemporary_techno_structures_dec2012_bg_600_207 Our next gig features one of the most intriguing figures in contemporary techno. Eric Cloutier, well-known for his mixes for mnmlssgs, performance at The Labyrinth, regular residency at The Bunker techno night and many more extremely positive things, is coming for some advanced techno explorations on Saturday, December 15th.

[posted on 2012-11-20]

#20 - Auditory Ossicles live at Ambient Nights Outdoor

Auditory_ossicles_948 We are celebrating our 20th session with a crystal ambient masterpiece from Auditory Ossicles! The recording is taken from their live concert at Artmospheric Ambient Nights outdoor event which took place in September. Please, sit down and prepare for a 68-minute deep space meditation..

[posted on 2012-11-19]

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