Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Eric Cloutier

Contemporary_techno_structures_dec2012_bg_600_207 Our next gig features one of the most intriguing figures in contemporary techno. Eric Cloutier, well-known for his mixes for mnmlssgs, performance at The Labyrinth, regular residency at The Bunker techno night and many more extremely positive things, is coming for some advanced techno explorations on Saturday, December 15th.

[posted on 2012-11-20]

#20 - Auditory Ossicles live at Ambient Nights Outdoor

Auditory_ossicles_948 We are celebrating our 20th session with a crystal ambient masterpiece from Auditory Ossicles! The recording is taken from their live concert at Artmospheric Ambient Nights outdoor event which took place in September. Please, sit down and prepare for a 68-minute deep space meditation..

[posted on 2012-11-19]

#19 - Moutech at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Dsc_2453_174 Sunday, shortly before midnight, festival's closing night is gradually being mechanized by Moutech.

In case if you still have not heard the 17th session by P'ool, we strongly recommend checking it out first, since this one is its natural extension, and the entire combination results in an intriguing three-hour progression.

[posted on 2012-10-13]

Alarma Punk Jazz: Oresund Space Collective / Surbahar

Alarmapunkjazz_osc english info tba

[posted on 2012-10-08]

Vladzen - Without Story Exhibition

Vladzen_without_story The face is changing, melting in the light, taking the familiar form of its new skin, transforming itself into a vision of forgotten dreams. The process happens in an instant, one second, two minutes... Then the image moves away, stunned by its desire for transformation and continues its existence in the first person, the first dimension.

[posted on 2012-09-25]

Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Antonio Giova

Contemporary_techno_structures_29092012 The next Contemporary Techno Structures event is scheduled for September 29th, Saturday.

We are looking forward to Antonio Giova's second appearance here after natural/electronic.system took part at Artmospheric Festival back in 2010. He will be guiding us on another walk through the deepest depths of the ocean..

Another Italian friend, Ness, who is currently very active in producing quality techno music and already well-known here in Sofia, will be back to join the gig with a proper dose of his floating sound.

[posted on 2012-09-14]

Ambient Nights Outdoor

Artmospheric_ambient_nights_27092012_en_600_660 On Thursday, Sep 27th, after sunset, expect a special panoramic flight into deep space - from beetless ambient textures through experimental idm-jazz to psychedelic ambient techno..

This gig also features an album premiere of Vataff Project's latest "Maeoma", which is to be released soon.

[posted on 2012-09-13]

#18 - Scav at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Linda1_298 IDM has always been a corner-stone in Artmospheric concept. Although it is far from the center of the electronic music scene, for many even a stranger, this music has its place here, with a permanent presence and talented artists over the years.

[posted on 2012-09-09]

#17 - P'ool at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Dsc_2452_0_895 The festival left behind huge amount of emotions, memories, a lot of food for thought…and also a gold collection of recordings we will have the distinct pleasure of sharing with you in the next few editions of this series.

[posted on 2012-08-21]

Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Ness

Contemporary_techno_structures_23may2012_483x750 Second edition of Contemporary Techno Structures presents Italian dj, producer and owner of Mono Records - Andrea Deplano aka Ness.

[posted on 2012-05-05]

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