#16 - Vizar - Live Session

Artworks-000018223622-0g6i5l-original_778 Another regular 'artmospheric' contributor brings us back to tripping dance music - Vizar, previously known for his early netlabel works for OffAudio and Antiritmo (2006/2007), loop-based live acts and a digital EP for Render Obedience in 2008.

[posted on 2012-02-13]

Therapist - Ephemeral Patterns

Artworks-000017580869-dpq1tq-original Another psychill walk at the invitation of Therapist. Have a nice trip!

[posted on 2012-02-02]

#15 - Memoide - Acoustic Drops of Mist (part 1)

Adm_956 Our trusted ambient guide Memoide is back with the closing artmospheric session for this year. Acoustic Drops of Mist is an attempt at fusing natural&artificial vibrations, environmental ambience and instrumental perfection, sound and emotion, human voice and silence.

[posted on 2011-12-25]

Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Alan Backdrop

Contemporary_techno_structures_27jan2012_sc1200 Alan Backdrop kicks off a new Sofia-based event for contemporary techno music.

[posted on 2011-12-03]

#14 - Kliment live @ The Peace of TechDub

331_734 Enjoy this one-hour live act presenting a high-resolution projection of Kliment's production over dub tech surface.

[posted on 2011-12-02]

#13 - Alan Backdrop @ Artmospheric Festival 2011

Alan_backdrop_367 It's now time for Artmospheric Sessions to continue with some festival stuff. The first recording from this year's festival is Alan Backdrop's Saturday afternoon set. Follow him for a long rainy techno journey.

[posted on 2011-08-03]

Artmospheric Festival 2011 Preview: Joro Paskalev - Step Methodics

Artmospheric_festival_2011_preflyer_600_140 AF 2011 preview continues with the latest mixture of Joro Paskalev aka Acron - trusted supplier of quality techno music, and Artmospheric resident. Enjoy 66 minutes of smooth but stable, hypnotic sound.

[posted on 2011-06-10]

Artmospheric Festival 2011 Preview: Timetourist

Artmospheric_festival_2011_preflyer_600_140 The Festival Preview will feature some of the latest works of artists from the line-up. The first mix comes from Timetourist - progressive destinations expert responsible for the introduction of a prog and psy trance-oriented night. Have a nice trip!

[posted on 2011-06-04]

Artmospheric Festival 2011

Af2011 For its fifth edition, the festival returns to its home – the heart of the western part ot the Stara planina mountains (Balkan Mountains). The area around the Trastena chalet and bio farm Tchemernik is known for its double rainbows, its mystical fogs and panoramic sunny views. At the еnd of July, four days of inspiration in the nature with smiling and creative people from Bulgaria and abroad await us there.

[posted on 2011-04-29]

Ambient Nights: Master Margherita Presenting New Chill-Out Album

Flyer_ambient_nights_4 Our last indoor Ambient Night for the season will take place at club Twins, Sofia, on Thursday, April 21st. Our special guest Master Margherita's live act will feature sounds from the upcoming chill-out album titled The Marginal Rules.

[posted on 2011-04-12]

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