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Shackleton was born in Lancashire, England. He participated in various musical projects throughout the years, playing in punk bands as a teenager and later performing as part of a dancehall duo with Earl Fontainelle (aka Vengeance Tenfold). He first began producing music on a computer in 2003. Around this time, Shackleton was becoming more familiar with grime and dubstep through regular visits with Laurie Osborne (aka Appleblim), Necta Selecta, and Engine Room to FWD>> club nights.hackleton's first release was a track entitled "Stalker", released on Mordant Music in 2004. The track was later picked up by Rough Trade Records and included on their Best of 2004 compilation. The combination of the Rough Trade release and "seeing that people were making interesting bass music" led Shackleton to create the record label Skull Disco with Appleblim in 2005. The label's name was inspired by a book Shackleton was reading "about a tribe from Cameroon who dug up their ancestors remains so as they could enjoy watching the festivities while the living members of the tribe played music, danced and got pissed." Shackleton was impressed with Appleblim's track "Mystikal Warrior", and it appeared on the first Skull Disco release, a double A-side with Shackleton's track "I Am Animal" on the flipside. Shortly after, Shackleton created the now defunct Skull Disco club nights in London.

In 2008, Shackleton and Appleblim said goodbye to the Skull Disco label after ten vinyl releases. In the same year, Shackleton relocated to Berlin.

In 2009, Shackleton released his debut album, Three EPs, on Perlon. The album was originally conceived as three separate releases and was issued on three 12"s. In 2010, Shackleton released Fabric 55, a studio mix based on a previous performance at Fabric. It was the fourth Fabric release to feature a set entirely made up of the artist's own material. Shackleton founded the label Woe to the Septic Heart! in November 2010 with the release of the Man on a String Part 1 and 2 12".

In 2011, Shackleton collaborated with Pinch on the album Pinch & Shackleton, released on Honest Jon's Records. That same year, Shackleton and Venegance Tenfold were commissioned by SoundUK to create a "Sonic Journey" inspired by sections of two Devon "train lines – part of the main line between Exeter and Totnes, and a section of the Tarka Line between Exeter and Barnstaple."

In 2012, Shackleton's third album, Music for the Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs, was released on Woe to the Septic Heart!, once again featuring a collaboration with Vengeance Tenfold providing spoken word vocals.

Along side his 20 year musical career; Marcus Henriksson follows and propagates a path of spiritual development and healing by means of yoga, meditation and entheogens, and he has always allowed the brain cleansing and soul soothing effects of this journey to bleed over into his production. At the same time, he has been living in his own forest studio deep in the woods an hour away from Malmo, so it’s no wonder his sounds are so organic and spiritual. This techno shaman has achieved a lot before now, most notably as Minilogue alongside Sebastian Mullaert. Although that project is now dormant after releases on labels like Cocoon, Mule and Wagon Repair, it still gets together to play live. The pair’s other collaborative effort, Son Kite, is still active however, and remains a foremost psychedelic trance act.

Now largely back to working solo, the multi-discipline creator that is Marcus is back on his mission of creating a psychedelic ritual and taking listeners on a journey by using their communal gathering and his music as a vehicle to carry audiences past their own fears and limitations. “Nobody Home believes we can connect to something greater that lies beyond our ordinary life and perception,” says the man himself of his current musical muse, which releases on labels like Northern Electronics. “And if we really let go of everything, even letting go of the sense of "I", we might connect to our true self.”

As a DJ, Marcus always taps into his first rave experiences, where he was won over by musical journeys long into the night, but also deep into himself. Because of that, he now likes to build connections with his dancefloor and considers every festival and club he headlines as a sacred and holy experience, which always plays out in the magic of his music as it unfolds through supple dub, heady techno, intensely s mooth rhythms and mind altering ideals. Aiming to lock listeners into a trance by whatever means he can, Marcus Henriksson is a modern day musical magician.

Shackleton (Woe To The Septic Heart! / Skull Disco, UK) live

Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue / Son Kite / Nobody Home (Home Records, Sweden)

idmt aka Kliment & Cinnamint (Artmospheric) opening live act

Vladzen & Mastoy (Phormatik)

Aksvenur (


November 20, Fridat, Mixtape 5 A-side, Sofia
start: 23:00h

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