Artmospheric Sessions #21 - Polygon Ring at Artmospheric Festival 2012

The news for Mr Henke's upcoming visit bring us a lot of experimental spirit, and it seems like a perfect moment for another idm-oriented session. Once again, a recording from last year's festival, and this one is a dj set from Polygon Ring who is among the most trusted fine noise suppliers around, and a regular Artmospheric contributor.

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Here is what he said about the mix:

  • My main idea was for a proper afternoon soundtrack, groovy and relaxing at the same time. That's why it contains mostly slow and beatless stuff. I also wanted to carefully put together tracks of various genres present at Artmospheric - ambient, noise, glitch, techno, idm, instrumental hip-hop, dubstep. At one point I even thought about adding some electrified metal, but in the end did not dare to do it. :)
  • There is no special sequence of the tracks, i just tried to create the right flow to best fit the situation. I hope it worked out well.
  • The mix contains tracks from the likes of Machinefabriek, Old Apparatus, Andy Stott and more.

download mp3 (320 kbps)

In case if you are still not familiar with Polygon Ring's music, we strongly recommend Songs From The Season Labs, a digital album released for Kahvi, also available for download in lossless FLAC audio format from Bandcamp.

Also, you can check his repository of CC-licensed sample packs, freely available on

Polygon Ring @ bandcamp | soundcloud | blips

[posted on 2013-03-21]

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