Artmospheric Sessions #22 - Tengui - In Dark Meadows

Number 22 has been especially prepared by Tengui and it comes along with the announcement of his participation in this year's festival which is actually gonna be his third time at Artmospheric.

He said just a few words about the mix, but there is no need to explain more:

  • All vinyl, some stuff from the 90s, some stuff from the 00s and 10s. My 'interpretation' of IDM, I guess. No flashy blending, just quick mixes (mostly) and a careful selection of tracks I love, with the Balkan Mountains very much in mind.
Special thanks to Tengui for such an essential contribution to Artmospheric Sessions!
Have a nice listening!

download mp3 (320 kbps)

Tengui @ RA | soundcloud |

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[posted on 2013-05-04]

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