Artmospheric Sessions #25 - Nobody Home @ Artmospheric Festival 2014

Marcus' Nobody Home dj set was one of the most special journeys at Artmospheric so far, leaving unforgettable memories from that morning.. We are honored to have this recording in our collection. Thanks to Marcus and everyone who shared that magical experience!

Here is what he said about the mix:

Nobody Home djset @ Artmospheric Festival, Bulgaria 2014. (MP3 160Kbps)
Set time 2.30 - 7.00. 4 h 30 min. Night to morning set. outdoors.
I want to share this djset that was recorded 13th of July at the Artmospheric festival in Bulgaria. I got the opportunity to play a long set this time… something I enjoy very much :-)... gives me more space to build an interesting story without the time limit. I played a lot of my new unreleased Nobody Home music in the set... and a few edits that I have done... hope you're going to enjoy it :-)
Amazing nature, breath taking scenery of the Balkan mountains, warm hearted people, great music!
I hope some of the vibe will be transfered through the recording all the way to YOU :-)

Love and light,
"Marcus" Nobody Home

Bandulu - Phaze in the mix
Jeff Mills - Cantazzo (Unreleased mix)
Donato Dozzy - Time out the gap
Iori - Passing through (Nobody Home EDIT)
KAB - The search… (Latin space mix)
Function - Disaffected
KHZ (Egor Sukharev) - Thrust
Pansonic - Hapatus
Nobody home - Untitled
Emanuel Top - Arctic
Convextion - Solum Ferrum
Convextion - Miranda (Psykofunk remix)
Minilogue & Mathew Jonson - Live outtake from Fusion festival 2013
Nobody Home - (Drum journey)
Nobody Home - Entheogen
Nobody Home - Untitled
Nobody Home - Waking dream (Northern Electronics in september)
Marcus Henriksson (Minilogue) - Endlessness
Son Kite - Acid (Massive)
Mathew Jonson - Behind the mirror
Massimo Vivona - Warcry
Son Kite - Untitled
Purple Plejade - Blanche
Sven Väth - Ritual of life
Kenneth Graham - Conspiritual (Nobody Home EDIT)
Mathew Jonson - Marionette (The beginning)
Donato Dozzy, Mike Parker - Fullonica Di Stephanus
Mathew Jonson - Navigator & Gateway
U-Roy & Francois K - Deep space rhythm
KAB - Heat
Nobody Home, Kris Dubinsky - Diamantfågeln
Emanuel Top - Turkish bazar (Massimo Vivona remix)
Minilogue - Inca
Morphosis - Silent screame
Jichael Mackson - The grass is always greener
Audio Werner - Trust
Lindstrom - Theres a drink in my bedroom and I need a hot lady (Prins Thomas Re-edit)
Mulatu Aztatke - Yegelle Tezeta (Nobody Home EDIT)
Nobody Home, Kris Dubinsky - Karos (Om mix)
Nobody Home - Untitled
Cio D'or - Goldbrokat (Donato Dozzy Techno remix)
The Knife - Silent shout (Nobody Home EDIT)
Brando Lupi - Sleeping world
Donato Dozzy, Cio D'or - MNML SSGS mix for Japan
Nobody Home - Untitled
Minilogue - Existensberättigande

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