Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Peter Van Hoesen

The next edition of Contemporary Techno Structures, which marks the fifth anniversary of the club night, will feature another long-awaited debut performance in Bulgaria - Peter Van Hoesen is coming to Sofia for a 3-hour DJ set on the first Friday of the new year. We are also looking forward to the return of Joro Paskalev after a long break. The line-up will be joined by another two of Sofia's senior techno researchers - Stefak and Milan - for a memorable advanced techno journey, visually interpreted by Phormatik Visual Lab.

The gig will take place at club Mixtape5, A-side. Pre-sale tickets are available through Eventim (price for the first 50 tickets: 22 bgn, regular pre-sale ticket price: 25 bgn). Tickets at the gate: 30 bgn. Event starts: 23:00, doors open: 22:30h. Access: 18+

Peter Van Hoesen Time To Express (Belgium)

Belgium's Peter Van Hoesen has never been that typical techno artist. Although considered as one of the genre's tastemakers he is someone who sculpts sounds for many different environments - the club, the home, the gallery or museum. He does so with a true sense of personality. On his own label Time to Express he releases textural compositions and he also records to great acclaim as Sendai alongside Yves de Mey.

In performance terms, Peter lays down dark and arresting techno sets as well as captivating, story telling live musical journeys. Because of that he is renowned around the world for his high quality, high creativity, high levels of consistency, constantly translating his personality into his music.

“For me music is not a choice. It is a necessity. All my life I have felt that music is the reason why I’m here.” - Peter Van Hoesen

Time To Express

Joro Paskalev a.k.a. Acron

Acron is about experiments, construction, exchanges, elements with deep hypnotic presence, structured in a repetative way. Layer based work. Without specifying exact styles, the sound of Acron, can be described as;filtered and refined dance movements, a universal code of dance, that I seek, and currently express in this form. It's about connecting to the pulsations of expresion. Then the musical code is deciphered. Everyone is free of thoughts.;Free of styles and other categorising methods. The body then goes back into its primitive functional patterns, and vibrates around the twisted structures.

Do you dance?

Perplex Perspectives Mix Part 1

Stefak Menta Session / Swine Riddim

Scapegrace person with strange, often incomprehensible (for almost everybody) sense of humour..

Stefak is a Sofia based DJ who also co-runs the Swine Riddim events, one of the original Bulgarian house and techno heads from the crew that also brought you KiNK.

In 2004 together with a group of friends started the website and soon after that began organizing parties. Those parties took place in Sofia's Lifehouse club and due to their success turned into series called "United In House".

In the beginning of 2006 alongside with Pafel and few bottles of "Menta" he started as joke a radio show on "Radio Proval". It didn't take that long that that show was transformed into a Menta Session Podcast and respectively into blog.

In 2010 after the opening of club Vlaykova all his activities, leading most notably to the founding of the Swine Riddim movement. His latest piece of work can be heard on his soundcloud profile and Menta Session's podcast catalogue.

Over the last couple of years he and Stefan Goldmann happen to be the two residents of Sofia’s premier underground techno night Бергшвайн.



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Phormatik Visual Lab

Phormatik Visual LAB is a creative studio that works in the field of visual media. We create and play live performances, 3D projection mapping and VJ shows, produce interactive digital installations, short movies and music videos.Founded in 2009 as VJ solo project, Phormatik finally got a collective in 2011. Our work is a mix of experimental video, motion design, photography and animation that is combined with interactive design, mix media and real time processing.

Our interest focuses on development of digital culture in the arts and in creating experiences that use art, technology and design.

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