Artmospheric Festival, the mountain gathering for deep tripping music and alternative culture, will take place in July, a decade after idea was born, high up in the Bulgarian western Balkan mountains.

This year's night main stage music line-up will explore the bridges between several musical concepts at the core of Artmospheric aesthetics, transforming an evolving mixture of intelligent grooves and mystic spatial atmosphere blended with lights and visual tunnels into a long high-resolution dancefloor journey. Traditionally, the daylight hours will feature more organic and panoramic music, fading from dubby electronica through idm and abstract jazz to cinematic sound and space rock.

An integral part of the festival map, the small forest stage, with its parallel program including experimental concerts, jam sessions, live projects and DJ sets, will in addition host an intro ambient night on Thursday, 14th.

Festival information will be regularly updated on this page.


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Marcus Henriksson aka Nobody Home / Son Kite / Minilogue (Sweden)

Brando Lupi (Detune Records, Italy)

LuneCell live (Occulta Records / Fractaltribe, USA)

Jazzmine (Blue Hour Sounds, Italy)

Val Vashar (Zenon Records, Croatia)

Peyo live + dj set (Blue Hour Sounds, Italy)

Once Upon A Time live (Blue Hour Sounds)

Vataff Project live, present new album "Solьmen" (Aleph Zero / Virtual)

Todor Jichkov & Alexander Beatenberg live (BigBanda)

The Bedlam Club concert

TFSL concert

Surbahar concert (Artmospheric)

Noitu live (DSPH Sounds, Macedonia)

Toffes Värld aka Kris Dubinsky (Kabalion Records, Sweden)

Kliment live (Zenon Records / Artmospheric)

Kйr live (PlusPlusPlus / Drugstore, Serbia)

Ductape (CMKY, USA)

Experimental Housewife (USA)

Moodswinger (PlusPlusPlus / Dis-patch, Serbia)

Alex B (Power Source Music, Сърбия)

Vizar live (Repeat Repeat Repeat)

Errorbeauty (Arkada Records / Crobot Muzik)

Laylla Dane (Off the Record / Rotate)

Stefak (Swine Riddim / Menta Session)

EXo (Mirizma / HMSU)

Tulpa live (Kayno Yesno Slontse / Magrathea)

80s Clash live

AuroraX live (Altar Records)

PMI live

George Eve live (Audio Avantgarde)

idmt live (Artmospheric)

Cinnamint live + dj set (Artmospheric)

Moutec (Sova Sound Theory)

VoV (Magrathea)

Trikoze (Enchanted Forests)


Scav (Acoustic Waves / Artmospheric)

Stoyan (Magrathea /


Pool (Inner Shapes)

Rės live (Jisatsuken)

RoboKnob live (TExN)

Sen I + Kin Riddimz live (Roots Rocket)

Changing Perspectives a.k.a. Teeth Of Divine live

Zarevo live (Jisatsuken)

xDEx live

Trohi + Mahmudaev live (BigBanda)

Walkingloom live

Saturated Pixels live

Sofia Dub Club live

Saint Null a.k.a. Polygon Ring

Brokoli (

Maharishi (Asoma)

Dubstard (Дъб Лаборант)

Bostolive (Jisatsuken)

Altais (Artmospheric)


Soulbeat (

Autonomaton & HarrySun (Esoundc) visuals

Phormatik Visual Lab visuals

minimaleye visuals

Todorwarp visuals funktion-one sound

Open Live Jam

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