Joro Paskalev - Perplex Perspectives part 1

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Notone - Hanging out with Malcom
The Blackdog - 0093
Raganova - Freedom [Zolo Remix]
Notone - Super Powell
Werner Niedermeier - Fun-K
Narcotic303 - Jazz Club
Thomas Marlow - Yucatan
Drugstore - Blackwidow
Spuk - Change
Muzikalist - Eat the Kate
Franklin De Costa - Don't Very
L Cio - Alvorada [Markus Masuhr Remix]
Lazzich - Karmayontz
Notone - Deep Underwater
Unknown Wonderer - Let's Go Outside [Kick The Can]
Minimale - Suicide Metal Child
SeQ - Unordnung
Chris Firenze - Sequence03
Dadive - Jazz Pomade
Daniel Aleksandar - Za Malo Ljubavna
Julien Placentino - Kosmonote
Dessben - En Antena
SeQ - Wihufe
Dadive - Unxund
Omara - Dark Minimal
Topper - Bols
Krzho - Underfire [Cut01]
Jay Phonic - Bleep You Very Much
The Bee - Minifunk
Hugoboy - Heliopause
Krzho - Firestorm [Cut01]
Triggerfinger - Hidden Pongo
Andreas Florin - Tuned Modulation
Narcotic 303 - Klangspeicher
Minimale - Sonar En Coma

"Cosmic Thanks to all the artists that contribute such amazing music. This mix is based almost entirely on Netlabel released materials. Without new and creative tracks/elements, creating meaningful dj mixes is not possible, and pointless.. Do enjoy, and part2, [a slightly darker continuation] will be up soon."