#27 - idmt live at Radar Festival Beyond Music 2017

Idmt-radar-festival-04082017 Our collection has just been extended with idmt's live act from the fourth annual edition of the lovely Radar Festival Beyond Music.

#26 - Eric Cloutier @ Contemporary Techno Structures

Eric-cloutier-mixtape2_136 Treasures are usually discovered (or identified as such) long time after the moment of their creation. Initially this recording was parked due to the constant hiss it has. Now, almost five years later, we decided to give it a another try and confirm that after few minutes of listening the hiss does not...

#25 - Nobody Home @ Artmospheric Festival 2014

Artmospheric-sessions-25-nobody-home_768 Marcus' Nobody Home dj set was one of the most special journeys at Artmospheric so far, leaving unforgettable memories from that morning.. We are honored to have this recording in our collection. Thanks to Marcus and everyone who shared that magical experience!

#24 - Refracted at Contemporary Techno Structures Sofia

Contemporary-techno-structures-oct-2013-sc900 Usually, there is no recordings from the most memorable parties. Or, in case not everything is lost, there is a problem.

Refracted's gig at Contemporary Techno Structures in Sofia is not an exception.

#23 - Scav

Artmospheric-sessions-23-scav_56 After almost half a year without updates, we finally found the time to renew the series with the kind assistance of Scav.

#22 - Tengui - In Dark Meadows

Picture002_84 Number 22 has been especially prepared by Tengui and it comes along with the announcement of his participation in this year's festival which is actually gonna be his third time at Artmospheric.

#21 - Polygon Ring at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Polygon-ring-about-to-push-the-button_55 The news for Mr Henke's upcoming visit bring us a lot of experimental spirit, and it seems like a perfect moment for another idm-oriented session. Once again, a recording from last year's festival, and this one is a dj set from Polygon Ring who is among the most trusted fine noise suppliers around, and...

#20 - Auditory Ossicles live at Ambient Nights Outdoor

Auditory_ossicles_948 We are celebrating our 20th session with a crystal ambient masterpiece from Auditory Ossicles! The recording is taken from their live concert at Artmospheric Ambient Nights outdoor event which took place in September. Please, sit down and prepare for a 68-minute deep space meditation..

#19 - Moutech at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Dsc_2453_174 Sunday, shortly before midnight, festival's closing night is gradually being mechanized by Moutech.

In case if you still have not heard the 17th session by P'ool, we strongly recommend checking it out first, since this one is its natural extension, and the entire combination results in an intriguing three-hour progression.

#18 - Scav at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Linda1_298 IDM has always been a corner-stone in Artmospheric concept. Although it is far from the center of the electronic music scene, for many even a stranger, this music has its place here, with a permanent presence and talented artists over the years.

#17 - P'ool at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Dsc_2452_0_895 The festival left behind huge amount of emotions, memories, a lot of food for thought…and also a gold collection of recordings we will have the distinct pleasure of sharing with you in the next few editions of this series.

#16 - Vizar - Live Session

Artworks-000018223622-0g6i5l-original_778 Another regular 'artmospheric' contributor brings us back to tripping dance music - Vizar, previously known for his early netlabel works for OffAudio and Antiritmo (2006/2007), loop-based live acts and a digital EP for Render Obedience in 2008.

#15 - Memoide - Acoustic Drops of Mist (part 1)

Adm_956 Our trusted ambient guide Memoide is back with the closing artmospheric session for this year. Acoustic Drops of Mist is an attempt at fusing natural&artificial vibrations, environmental ambience and instrumental perfection, sound and emotion, human voice and silence.

#14 - Kliment live @ The Peace of TechDub

331_734 Enjoy this one-hour live act presenting a high-resolution projection of Kliment's production over dub tech surface.

#13 - Alan Backdrop @ Artmospheric Festival 2011

Alan_backdrop_367 It's now time for Artmospheric Sessions to continue with some festival stuff. The first recording from this year's festival is Alan Backdrop's Saturday afternoon set. Follow him for a long rainy techno journey.

#12 - Aerostat

Img_1140_edit_945 Another breath of fresh sound comes from Denmark. Thanks to our friends from Aerostat for contributing this special mixtape to Artmospheric Sessions!

#11 - Visu.au Live Audio

Visuau_crop1_675 A live recording from Visu.au Textures audio-visual performance that took place at the Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia, 12.11.2010. Visual set by Lora Rounevska and Aleksander Petrov. Live sound by Kliment Dichev and Mikhail Stoyanov.

#10 - Evad @ Vitosha Factory

Finnnnbacks_296 Our 10th artmospheric session is available for download and stream. We are glad to share with you Evad's dj set from the deep tech event @ ex-Vitosha Factory in Sofia.

#9 - J-Lab live @ Artmospheric Festival 2010 After Party

Boyan_jlab_575 #9 is a recording of J-Lab's live act from the Artm Festival 2010 after party.

#8 - Joro Paskalev - Downhill Techniques

Joro_paskalev_-__downhill_techniques_04-2010_cover_724 Joro Paskalev is back with another deep hypnotic techno session.

#7 - Moodix live @ Artmospheric Festival 2009

6baa1491efff64d8ded80db6a9f8a9f6_892 As a follow-up to his successful Moodiplication EP on Kahvi, we're glad to share with you a recording of Moodix' live performance at Artmospheric Festival 2009.

#6 - Surbahar live from India Tour 2009

5ba30f334ed3606df7087ae274dc7f6c_313 After our august break, we are back with a live recording from Surbahar's India Tour 2009 (live @ Kosmo).

#5 - Halojo @ Artmospheric Festival 2009

2943222b242a2b883bcd58a0092e30f1_695 Some beautiful melodic idm classics played by Halojo at Artmospheric Festival 2009.

#4 - Joro Paskalev @ Artmospheric Festival 2009

Fd469656724f4feb365e63b0b30bf5c5_903 One of the finest techno specialists around - Joro Paskalev and his live set from Artmospheric Festival 2009.

#3 - Lackluster and Esa Ruoho live at Artmospheric Fest 2009

B90ec00807ff8fb7b9b27c8f3040036c_728 #003 is a double Artmospheric Session: Lackluster + Esa Ruoho live acts recorded @ Artmospheric Festival 2009.

#2 - Mloski

27eb6a308e7ae03854f51c02fcf6f16a_138 Second part of Artmospheric Sessions is now available for stream and download. Big thanks to Jisatsuken's artist Mloski for this deep, broken "Hidden" idm set! Pure artmospheric sound.

#1 - Cinnamint

D38ed0971677acbda25312fd29128d7f_780 This is the first issue of 'Artmospheric Sessions' - series of dj sets and live acts recorded exclusively for artmospheric.org. Session #1 is a deep techno dj set mixed by Cinnamint.